Hâttric, the brand for men who want to take good care of themselves both before and after shaving.

Shaving and trimming is more topical than ever and, at Hâttric, we are aware of that. The products we use to take care of ourselves must be authentic. Being able to be yourself, with your own classics that are perfectly suited to you. Hâttric aftershave, pre-shave and deodorant provide everything you need. They make you feel good, soothe and disinfect the skin and have a delightfully invigorating, masculine fragrance. Hâttric’s CLASSICS are true all-time favourites and often pass down from father to son. Whether you have been shaving for 40 years, or have just started, Hâttric is always just as popular.
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For many years, the perfect foundation for shaving.